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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for adoption applications to be processed? When will you get back to me?

At least 3-5 business days will be required to process your application. If we do not reach out to you within 2 weeks, this indicates that we will not be moving forward with your application.

I don’t have any other cats, but can I adopt one kitten only? I promise I’m a great applicant and I will take perfect care of the kitten!

No. Our double kitten adoption policy is in place so that kittens grow up and grow old with at least one other feline companion. Single kittens that grow up on their own exhibit single kitten syndrome.

I recently got another kitten/cat, but I haven’t taken it to the vet yet. Can I adopt a single kitten/cat from COMY and go to the vet later?

No. In order to adopt, you must provide a veterinary reference that can confirm your cat/kitten’s updated medical records with our Adoption Counselors.

My significant other has a cat/kitten. We visit each other so often that we practically live together. Can I adopt a single kitten?

No. No matter how long term your relationship is, we do not allow single kittens to be adopted out to households without another kitten/playful cat living there at all times.

My roommate has a cat/kitten. We plan on living together for the next few years at the very least. Can I adopt a single kitten?

No. We do not allow single kittens to be adopted out to households without another kitten/playful cat living there at all times.

I don’t have screens on my windows, but I can assure you that the windows will always be closed/monitored. Can I still adopt?

No. Adoptions will only be approved once screens have been properly installed. Photo and video proof will be requested.

What does the adoption fee cover?

Our adoption fee covers first and second rounds of FVRCP vaccines, flea treatment, dewormer treatment, the rabies vaccine, the spay/neuter surgery, and microchipping.

Will I be receiving medical records after adopting?

Yes! All kittens and cats have medical records that will be emailed to adopters as soon as possible.

I’m interested in adopting, but I want to meet all the cats first, including the ones at the holding space and the ones being fostered. Is this possible?

No. You must either schedule a meet and greet at the holding space or a meet and greet with a single foster parent.

About Adopting

tabby cat graphic

Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or an experienced cat rescue aficionado ready to adopt, you’re bound to find the perfect companion(s) at COMY. Please note that adopting is not a decision to be made hastily.

Please ensure you have considered all of the following before beginning the application process:

  • Most adoptions require a 10-18 year commitment depending on the current age of the kitten/cat you are adopting.

  • You must be ready to provide lifelong financial support.

  • You must be the primary caretaker and keep the kittens/cats in the same household as you.

  • You must have enough time to provide your feline friend(s) with the care and love needed.

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