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Adoption Application

Please read through the following points on our adoption policy before submitting an application:

  1. If you are interested in adopting kittens (<1 year old), all kittens MUST be adopted in PAIRS if you DO NOT already have A YOUNG, PLAYFUL KITTEN/CAT at home. Pairs of kittens CANNOT be split up in the future, even after the kittens have reached adulthood.

  2. If you are interested in adopting an adult cat (1+ years old), you may apply for a single cat.

  3. If you have a current kitten or cat at home and are applying to adopt another through COMY, we require you to list a VETERINARY REFERENCE in your application. Your current kitten/cat MUST have medical records under the listed clinic with your name listed as the owner. In addition, we will be confirming completed neuter/spay procedures or scheduled procedures with the clinic.

  4. Our Adoption Counselors conduct thorough checks on ALL information listed. Only apply if you have the above mentioned documentation ready as we are a 100% volunteer-run rescue. If you choose to submit falsified documentation and/or information, your application will be automatically denied and you may be subject to legal action.

  5. In order to confirm the adoption, you must be willing to do a virtual or in person meet and greet (depending on who is conducting your meet and greet), pay the adoption fee (this varies for specific types of cats/kittens), and sign our adoption agreement.

If you are ready to adopt in accordance with rescue policy, you may complete the application. Please remember to indicate which kitten(s)/cat(s) you are generally interested in adopting.

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