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Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies will I need to provide my foster placement(s) with?

Wet food, dry food, water, litter, bowls, toys, treats, bedding, and unconditional love!
You are required to have Nutrical (a nutritional gel supplement) and Pedialyte on hand if you’re fostering kittens.

What supplies will COMY provide me with?

Medication and financial reimbursements for vet visits as needed (pre-approval required).

Does COMY have transportation services?

Unfortunately, no. We are a small, volunteer-run rescue and do not currently have the resources to transport foster placements.

What kinds of medications can I be expected to administer?

Some of the most common treatments consist of dewormer, flea treatment, antibiotics, antiviral medication, acid reducer, ocular ointment, and/or topical ointment. You will be provided with an oral syringe if one is needed. Details on dosage will be provided to you as well.

What is bottle feeding? Do I need to have special training done to bottle feed a neonatal kitten?

Bottle feeding is required for very young kittens that are orphaned or rejected. You and others in your household assisting with fostering must be ready to feed bottle babies around every few hours. Kittens may need to be bottle fed up to 4-5 weeks of age depending on their growth.

What does it mean to socialize a feral kitten?

Feral kittens have had little to no human interaction and thus, are not very friendly. They may hiss, try to swat at you, and of course, hide. Socializing a feral kitten requires patience and time.

What are some things to expect when I first welcome my foster placements into my home?

Don’t expect them to know everything right away! Show them where the litter box is, show them where the food and water are, and give them space to explore. Give them time to let their personalities shine.

I fell in love with my foster placement(s) and want to adopt them! Is that possible?

If you meet the requirements, then absolutely! Like all other applicants, you will be required to sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee to officially adopt your foster placement(s).

About Fostering

Fostering is a great way to bring feline friends into your life if you have no previous experience with cats/kittens or if you don’t have the ability to permanently care for them.


Foster parents serve as temporary caretakers for cats and kittens that are looking for their forever homes! Depending on your experience level and interests, you may be bottle feeding neonatal kittens, socializing a feral kitten, medicating an injured rescue, caring for a mama cat and her litter of kittens, interacting with an adult cat that needs its own living space, and much more.

Our foster parents are of many different backgrounds and experience levels, so no matter where you are at in the fostering journey, you’ll find a suitable position here.

Who should foster?

COMY is always in need of foster parents as we are rescuing and trapping all year round. We highly encourage you to foster with us if you:

  • Want to care for cats/kittens but do not have a permanent way to do so.

  • Can commit to established routines for feeding, cleaning, playing, and medicating.

  • Can financially support basic necessities and transportation services listed above.

  • Are patient and understand that it may take time to socialize and bond with your placement(s). 

  • Are able to keep in constant contact with rescue leadership through our Slack platform.

  • Pay attention to keen details and can notice differences in physical/behavioral health of your placement(s).

  • Can efficiently contact potential adopters (whose information the Adoption Team will provide you with), promote the adoption of your foster placement(s), and verify applicant information.

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