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Volunteer Positions

Marketing Volunteer

As a marketing volunteer, you'll be responsible for maintaining and building COMY's social media presence. You'll help us reach a wider audience by creating graphics, planning posts, compiling footage, designing merchandise... you name it! Creativity is welcome and you're given the flexibility to pursue what you're passionate about.

As of now, we've built a strong presence on Instagram and Tik Tok. We need assistance with compiling footage, doing voiceovers, and writing scripts/captions. We would also like to reach a larger audience through other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Fundraising is a crucial part of this role as we'll often have to raise money to pay for vet bills easily totaling thousands of dollars.

Position type: Remote/In Person

Time commitment: Flexible

Location: N/A


  • Use social media to raise awareness and promote fundraisers like GoFundMe

  • Create marketing material (graphics, videos, merchandise, etc.)

  • Event planning


  • Able to communicate with team members in a timely and professional manner

We're looking for someone who is...

  • Interested in marketing, visual arts, graphic design, social media, fundraising, writing, sales, and nonprofit management

  • Comfortable using social media platforms

  • Looking for a way to express their creativity for a good cause!

Transportation Volunteer

In a given week, COMY volunteers transport cats, kittens, and other volunteers to and from numerous vet appointments at our partner clinics across Queens and Brooklyn. If you drive a vehicle and are available to assist, please let us know as a large part of our expenses goes toward transportation. 

Appointment drop-offs are typically around 7-8 AM and pickups are usually around 4-5 PM (depending on the clinic). If you're available during the day but just not during those hours, we could still use your help traveling between other appointments as well.

Position type: In Person

Time commitment: A few hours as needed

Location: N/A


  • Driving cats to and from appointments, usually Woodhaven, Glendale, Bushwick, Cobble Hill, and their surrounding neighborhoods

  • Communicating drop-off and pickup times


  • Own/drive a vehicle

  • A valid driver's license

We're looking for someone who is...

  • Comfortable being requested to drive to/from Woodhaven, Glendale, Bushwick, Cobble Hill, etc.

Administrative Volunteer

As an administrative volunteer, you'll be entrusted with organizing electronic medical records, logging information in a data management system, and following up with adoption applications. Additionally, you may be called on to assist in the planning of large projects. We always need assistance with administrative work, in the midst of all the medical evaluations and emergencies, paperwork tends to get put on the back burner.

Position type: Remote

Time commitment: Flexible

Location: N/A


  • Organizing electronic medical records

  • Logging information

  • Work closely with rescue leaders to ensure the rescue operates effectively

  • Tasks generally include data entry, bookkeeping, emailing, and making phone calls


  • Experience using Google Sheets, Google Docs, and/or AirTable

  • Interest in administration, human resources, and/or business operations

  • Communicates effectively with team members and applicants

We're looking for someone who is...

  • Able to communicate timely and professionally

  • Communicates effectively in person, over email, and via text

  • Detail-oriented

Holding Space Volunteer

As a holding space volunteer, you will be entrusted with the duty of providing our feline friends with a clean, healthy, and happy environment. You may also accompany us on trapping and releasing appointments. Volunteers will be trained by one of our staff members before officially starting.

Position type: In Person

Time commitment: 1-2 Shifts per week, roughly 3 hours depending on what tasks need to be completed that day.

Location: Our holding space in Woodhaven, Queens.


  • Cleaning - scooping litter boxes, replacing pee-pads, washing & refilling food bowls, sweeping, mopping

  • Administering medication (if needed)


  • Prior experience taking care of cats/kittens (but not required!)

We're looking for someone who is...

  • Able to commit to a consistent weekly schedule

  • Physically capable of lifting/moving items

  • Able to spend multiple hours on your feet

  • Works well with animals and people

  • Interested in veterinary medicine and/or general medicine

  • Communicates efficiently in person, over email, and via text

  • Enjoys hands-on work

  • Punctual, dedicated, confident, patient, and detail-oriented

  • Wants to spend more time with cats/kittens!

Outreach Volunteer

As an outreach volunteer, you will be responsible for emailing companies, schools, community organizations, and/or others that can help us reach our goal. This role mainly consists of conducting and compiling research, communicating with representatives and individuals, and writing compelling letters. We need as much funding and support as possible. With a diverse network of connections, we can accomplish a lot more for the stray cats of NYC. This is a perfect role if you want to assist with rescuing cats/kittens but are unable to participate in physically doing so at the holding space or at home.

Position type: Remote/In Person

Time commitment: Flexible

Location: N/A


  • Conducting and compiling research

  • Corresponding with representatives and writing compelling letters


  • Experience using Google Sheets and Google Docs

We're looking for someone who is...

  • Comfortable approaching large projects

  • Communicates effectively with individuals and team members

  • Able to respond timely and professionally

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